Is Angela Merkel finally a feminist?

After more than 13 years as Germany’s chancellor, Angela Merkel is easily the most visible and powerful woman in the world — but she’s never been one to make her gender a part of her political identity, nor a vocal advocate for women’s issues.

That’s why I found a recent interview she did with Die Zeit, in which she discussed her views on feminism, gender and the challenges female politicians face, so interesting. Though Merkel’s comments are still surely disappointing to anyone hoping for a full-throated embrace of feminism, they are the latest proof that Merkel’s reticence to discuss such issues is changing. And it shows the unique position Merkel has been in since handing off leadership of the Christian Democrats: she retains the bully pulpit of the chancellery without the responsibility for the day-to-day of party politics.

More than just an interesting topic that’s been on my mind for a while, it was also my first chance to write for The New York Times Opinion section (!). Read the piece here: