Election Day in America, from Berlin

Happy Election Day, everyone! This is the first U.S. presidential election in my adult life I’m not covering, and the first election night I’m not working. It’s a strange feeling.

But because I couldn’t resist writing about the election, I wrote about my experience living abroad throughout most of Trump’s tenure—and the idea that he’s inescapable in Germany, especially for Americans. From the granular coverage of U.S. politics to the fact that, as an American, I’m constantly asked to explain what’s happening and various aspects of American politics and public policy, I’ve gotten an education in what the rest of the world thinks of us and how that has changed over the last

(Der Artikel würde auch hier beim Tagesspiegel auf Deutsch veröffentlicht.)

I’ll be watching as long as I can tonight with my boyfriend and two friends here in Berlin, complete with an array of extremely American foods and plenty of wine…